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If you are thinking of Selling Real Estate in Warner Robins GA, you’ll need to know exactly what it is worth before putting it on the market. Call or email me to get a free Home Valuation with an estimated fair market sales price.
Any Realtor can give you an estimate on how much your home is worth. However, only quality real estate professionals who know the market can give you an accurate value and estimated sales price of your home. Warner Robins Home Values have recently increased. As a Warner Robins area real estate agent, I analyze home values and determine market prices every day. By comparing your home to recent sales and other, similar homes on the market I can quickly tell you what your home is worth. This analysis is known as “Comparative Market Analysis”, or CMA. Just fill out the form to give me the information we need. I’ll be glad to perform a CMA for your home and provide you with my professional opinion.

Don’t overprice or you’ll scare away prospective buyers! 

In good markets and bad, you are more likely to benefit by determining a fair value and sticking close to it than you are by asking an unrealistic figure and waiting for buyer response to sift out the “right” price. And in a buyer’s market, setting the right price from the outset may be the only effective strategy. What many sellers don’t realize is that overpricing can result in their getting less for their house than if they priced it right to begin with. The reason: Knowledgeable agents and buyers often won’t bid on a severely overpriced house. By the time the seller wises up, many of his best prospects will have bought other houses, decreasing demand for the now properly priced property. An overpriced house can end up being sold for less than it would have a few months earlier. 

I can help you determine the right asking price for your home. Warner Robins Home Values are extremely important to consider when pricing your own home. We are here to help you!

Do you want a free customized report of the sales activity in your neighborhood? Simply send an email to with “Sales Report” in the subject and your property address in the body and we will send you an up-to-date analysis of the sales trends in the Warner Robins Real Estate market including detailed comparable homes in your neighborhood.

Price is one of the most significant factors potential buyers consider when looking at a property. You do not want your valuable investment to be either under-priced or over-priced – but how do you know what is appropriate? How can you tell what the market will respond to? Our experience and local knowledge of the Warner Robins Real Estate market will help you determine the optimum price to list your property. I will:

  • Prepare and review an up-to-date Comparable Market Analysis. This will help determine a pricing strategy for your property.
  • We will discuss the option of inspecting, staging or upgrading your property prior to marketing and review the impact they have on pricing.
  • Outline various options and make recommendations based on market conditions and your personal situation.
First impressions count. Before inviting buyers into your property, you’ll want to be sure you’ve done everything to make it as attractive as possible. There are many ways to improve your chances of a sale and its important to maximize the best options you have available. We will:
  • Offer ideas for how to present your property. This may include recommendations for cosmetic changes such as painting, clearing the yard, and arranging the best way to “stage” your property for a visit from potential buyers.
  • Advise you as to whether to obtain a professional inspection prior to placing your property on the market. An inspection generally presents a clear picture of the physical condition of the property and allows us to anticipate issues that may arise and become a negotiating point during the transaction.
  • Discuss the option of purchasing a one-year property protection warranty which is transferred to the buyer.
I have a different approach that gets better results than my competition. Our office is ranked as one of the Top Real Estate Offices in Central Georgia. I strive to improve my client’s lives as well as their bottom lines. Whether you are selling your first home, historic property, an investment property, or doing a short sale, I work hard for all of my clients. When it comes to Warner Robins real estate no one matches the one-on-one focus that I give my clients.

First, I will conduct a preliminary interview and consultation to understand your goals, your timetable and any special circumstances you may have. In this first meeting I will cover a wide range of topics including: your financial situation, Warner Robins Real Estate forms and documents and answer any questions you may have about the Home Selling process. We will also review the most recent sales data for the Warner Robins Real Estate market. By listening carefully to your needs, I pledge to enhance your experience as a seller and to identify the most effective strategies for selling your property.

Once I have completed the initial consultation, I will conduct an on-site visit to your property. I will create a detailed property report of all the characteristics, features and specifications of your property. This will include verifying and documenting things like: size and square footage, number and type of rooms, amenities, utilities, school districts, building materials, upgrades, land and lot features, zoning and any other data about the property. Having detailed and accurate data on the property enhances the marketability for today’s savvy buyers. I leverage ALL of the features and attributes of your home and try to identify the perfect buyer for your property. This way my marketing is targeted to a group of buyers who is most likely to want your property and pay top dollar for it.
Some people enjoy negotiation, others dread it. Either way, when it comes to selling your property it is important to have a capable and diligent negotiator on your side. Our experience and savvy has proven highly successful. I will:
  • Discuss various approaches and recommend what I consider to be the best option for each circumstance.
  • Assist in negotiating the best price and terms for your property.
  • Assist in evaluating the qualifications of any buyer that makes an offer on your property.
  • Assist you in reviewing the conditions in the offer and their potential impact on the transaction.
  • Help you make informed decisions.
During this time (typically between 30 and 60 days), I will be there to assist you in handling crucial details so that deadlines are met in order to bring your transaction to a smooth, successful close. I will:
  • Verify that escrow has been established, deliver a real time calendar of events, and monitor contingency periods and inspections.
  • Attend inspections as practical or at your request.
  • Confirm the preliminary title search.
  • To the extent possible, monitor the purchaser’ loan to review that the process is running smoothly.
  • Provide you with timely updates on the status of the closing process.
  • Provide you with copies of all documents executed by both parties which are received by me.

Once the sales process is complete I look forward to the relationship just beginning. I will stay in touch and offer you our contacts or advise for any home related issue. 

I partner with many quality and experienced vendors, contractors and service providers and I gladly provide referrals as needed. I also hope to be a referral source for you. If you have family, friends or colleagues who could use my real estate services, please call me. I always love client referrals!

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Sell Your Home in Warner Robins